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Student Visa Vs Skilled Migration
As an international student or foreign national, you will generally need a visa to enter in to a particular country. This visa is generally granted for the period equals to the length of your course/s. An additional visa of 2-3 months is granted to the students to allow them to apply for a work permit, make arrangements to leave the country or further extend a student visa to apply for a higher course. Students can work 20 hrs a week in some countries and full time during holidays. Some countries allow students to bring their spouse and children. Student and their sponsors have to show additional funds to support and maintain while they all are in that country.
In general to apply for a student visa/permit you must satisfy the following:

1. Career Progression: You must choose a course that is right for you in terms of your educational background, your interest and family business background. If you are changing your line you must convince how this change would help you in building your future.
2. You must be having a sound financial status and have to show in advance that you and your sponsors have access to sufficient funds and readily available for you to maintain yourself and your family while in overseas.
3. English Language Skills: You must pass IELTS (Academic) Test. IELTS requirements are different for various countries, depending up on the course you have selected.
4. You must be of a good character. Some countries may require a Police Clearance Certificate which can be applied at Passport Office.
5. You must meet certain health requirements and may need to undergo a health examination.

Students under 18 years of age
If you are under 18 years of age you must maintain your accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements for the duration of your visa or until you turn 18.

Skilled Migration
Each country values its own qualification. As an initiative by Govt. of various countries and to keep their own qualifications and skills in their own country and utilize that skill for country’s growth, they have introduced various advantages to International students who study these courses and gain skills that are in shortage. International students can apply for work permits and get some additional benefits such as extra points for studies in that country, extra points for work experience & priority assessment. After finishing your studies you may allow a work visa to have practical work experience in same country.

Please note: Skilled migration is based on skill shortage and it is completely based on demand and may change on short notice. Courses of skills you are doing now may obsolete any time in future when shortage is fulfilled.

Path to Gain Residence:
On finishing your studies you do not become a qualified tradesman/manager directly. Each country has their own strict guidelines and minimum requirements to become a qualified trade’s person. This involves detailed theoretical studies and certain hrs of work experience with the studies and also after the studies. Up on completion of which and you can apply for your skill assessment and after going through some on the job assessment test by authorized Govt bodies, you may become a fully qualified or skilled worker.
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