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Applying for a visa is not only a complex process but also a very risky business as it involves various student visa subclasses, eligible sponsors, Approved Banks, Career Progression and various key documents to be attached when you submit an application. Lack of proper knowledge, guidance and documentation may lead to refusal of your visa application and also may restrict you further from applying for visa again for sometime.

It is always recommended to use services of an authorized Education agent when lodging your application because an Education Agents thoroughly knows the visa regulations, condition of visa, documents required and eligibility, in simple words “what a Visa office require in an application”. This will not only help you to prepare your application & documents easily but also help the Visa officer to assess your application without any complexity and delays as all the documents are submitted.

We have thorough information on student visa and other categories. Each country has their assessment criteria and requirements to apply for a student visa. For more details about a particular country, please visit individual sections of each country from our Home Page.

How we can help you:
We at our office offer free of cost counseling to the overseas study aspirants and their families. The counseling process is followed in following steps:

Step 1: Choosing a Right Course and College
Initial counseling with the students & their parents, in which we discuss in details, about their career goals, previous educational background, family financial status, future plans and accordingly we show variety of courses linked to your career progression and interest. Once a course is selected, we apply for a Letter of Offer to proceed further. To arrange the Offer Letter: We need to scan the application form, academics, IELTS & passport documents and forward to College (all notary attested) Keep the documents & later attach to the file when lodging the application.

STEP 2: List of Documents
The next step is to calculate the cost involved and show money. A brief estimate of 1st installment you have to pay to the institution and given to you. Our counselor ask you few questions regarding your financial status such as sponsors (parents, siblings, relatives), source/s of income, funds they hold in their saving bank account, Fixed Deposits, Post Office etc. Based on the declaration by you and your family about the finances we generate a “List of Documents” for you. This is a complete list of documents that we require to lodge your application.

STEP 3: Paying to the Institution
In most of the countries tuition fee goes in advance. If you are getting education loan it is essential to pay first installments of tuition fee from the education Loan and disbursement proofs must be attached to the visa application. Once the tuition fee is received by the institution they issue us an Acceptance Letter or a Confirmation of Enrolment.

STEP 4: Collecting all the documents:
After collecting all the documents, we lodge application for visa.

Step 5: Medical & Penal Clearance
When our file is preliminarily approved by Visa office, we have to undergo medical examination and Police Clearance and submit these for final visa grant.
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